Principal's Welcome

Naumai e te whanau ki tenei kura o tatou

Welcome. Kaiaua School has gone through some change over the year and in a moment of reflection I pondered over what was The Greatest Thing About Our School and after listening to experienced educators talk about “Building genuine learning partnerships with parents,” honestly it’s our kids, great schools cannot exist without great groups of kids, and the diversity of those kids. The talent and range of ability exhibited in our children at Kaiaua School demonstrates the unique character and importance of this Kura in the local community.

Learning for life , is a value for our students as they grow and graduate onto the next level of their education The heart of the community where family generations are valued and welcomed. Where differences are understood and embraced, and looking after one another is natural. A place where children are interested, engaged, and involved in all aspects of growing and learning; passion is encouraged and academic achievement is celebrated. Where the school and the community come together to nurture the child.

After reading and mulling over this statement about Kaiaua School, I came to the realisation that there are some beautiful words relating to community and families, where they are are valued and welcomed. That being said, “it takes a village to raise a child” which is evident, where all parties have a vested interest in growing and developing all facets of our children, including the celebration of academic achievement.

When our kids are happy the majority of them want to learn in partnership with home, so we welcome and encourage parents to ask their children to share by describing and explaining what they are learning at school. Feel free to pop in before or after school to chat to your child’s teacher about different learning experiences.

Noho mai ra

Karlos Bosson