Kaiaua School

Learning For Life

The heart of the community where family generations are valued and welcomed. Where differences are understood and embraced, and looking after one another is natural. A place where children are interested, engaged, and involved in all aspects of growing and learning; passion is encouraged and academic achievement is celebrated. Where the school and the community come together to nurture the child.


Kaiaua School is a small, rural school situated on the coast of the Firth of Thames also known as the Seabird Coast. We are a full primary school caters for years 1 - 8 students. The school prides itself on being about the children. We regard ourselves as a family school where family is really important, as is the relationship between the staff, parents and pupils. We are strongly committed to recognising and catering for the cultural diversity in our school.

Many of our students live in Kaiaua, but others live in the small settlements of Waharau and Whakatiwai. Students travel to school by walking, cycling or being delivered to the school by their parents.

Kaiaua has a shop, post office facilities, a tavern, a fish and chip shop and a garage. It is also one of the most popular stops for campervans. The coast is beautiful and there is easy access to the beach for swimming, fishing, and learning. We are also famous for the abundance of shore birds on our coast, including the godwit which comes all the way from China to Miranda.

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27th End of Term 3


14th Start of Term 4

17th NZ Shake Out

26th Calf Club & Gala Day

28th Labour Day - No School

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